Let your heart
 escalate your life

Discover your life purpose with Source Alignment Energy ™

Remember your unlimited nature and your infinite self

Release self limiting thoughts, fears, and anxieties

Experience great depths of LOVE and unwavering HOPE

Source Alignment Energy ™ is your fullest potential energy being activated. Source Alignment will permanently align you to the LOVE vibration of Source and infuse your energy body with HOPE.  You will gain clarity on your purpose and mission in this lifetime.The messages from your heart will become loud and clear.

Source Alignment:
Releases negative energy imprints and protects you from future ones
Releases self-limiting thoughts, fears, anxieties
Aligns you to the vibrational frequency of Source Love
Synchronizes your life purpose to your Heart so both align to LOVE's vibrational frequency 
Infuses you with the vibrational frequency of HOPE and JOY
Establishes a greater sense of ease and expands a sense of connection to all living things.

Source Alignment Energy
Hopewell, NJ

“As I continue on my journey, I am open to trying many levels of spiritual work. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Gail and Lisa and experience their Source Alignment Energy system. I have found that in the time since receiving this energy system, I now have been renewed to a different level of understanding with people, appreciating and acknowledging more of my own strengths, and look at my life in a new light.” – Kathie
Photo by Monica DeAntonio
Source Alignment Energy