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Let your heart
 escalate your life
In our search for understanding our life purpose and our souls desire, we often seek answers from the mind. However this path is often the longer one with much struggle involved.

Source Alignment Energy™ is an opportunity to see that big shifts in healing and consciousness are possible if the path is the heart, where your soul is not confined by time, constructs, and the ego.

Hearing your HEART'S wisdom allows for quick shifts in healing while aligning you to an infinite source of unconditional love.

Source Alignment Energy
Hopewell, NJ

“ I have found that in the time since receiving this energy system, I now have been renewed to a different level of understanding with people, appreciating and acknowledging more of my own strengths, and look at my life in a new light.” – Kathie

"It is almost like a force field surrounding me preventing negativity from coming in and taking over." - Bob

Source Alignment Energy™
We invite you to watch this video highlighting client experiences after receiving Source Alignment.
We all have the ability to get there on our own, however, Source Alignment Energy™ allows you to SAFELY see an open door that PERMANENTLY connects you to a place of ease in your heart. “Peace of Heart” leads to peace of mind. 

The Source Alignment Energy™ process is unique and differs from all other heart based work because it is remarkably accessed in one 60-90 minute session. 

The process integrates in your energy field over 13 weeks where there is a remembering of your life purpose, remembering of your infinite potential for unconditional love, and remembering that your soul is free to choose its path home.